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What should you look for when picking a wholesale rental tablecloth vendor?

Part 2: Pricing

In the special event industry, image really does matter. The visual artistry and appealing look for any event is what will make your clients be amazed at what you have accomplished, and it also helps secure bookings with brand new clients. Reliable vendor relationships go a long way in helping someone ensure a strong business presence when you are dealing with the general public. Having to change wholesale rental tablecloth vendors can cause headaches and confusion for not only your customers, but also for your employees if it not undertaken carefully.

This seven-part blog will address sourcing and attaining a wholesale rental tablecloth vendor, which is a very important task. This series will provide you with helpful tools and guidelines to make the best choice for your company. There are 7 key elements to address when you are working through your selection process. This post will focus on the very important element of vendor pricing.

PRICE - Often as consumers, we find that the cheapest price is not always the best option out there. How many times have you found a “great deal” online, only to find your expectations were not met? Did you feel a bit let down after you received the product?

Price is a major factor when you are setting your pricing levels for your special event customers. You will need to weigh your costs against the profit you need to achieve when pricing the package or per guest cost for your customers. Be sure to analyze the prices of the vendor you are considering and try to compare pricing against their competitors. Not only should you look at the wholesale versus retail pricing, but you should also consider the quality and selections that are backed by that price.

With rising costs of wages, gas, taxes, and overseas goods, price is going to be a very important and relevant factor in choosing your tablecloth vendor. Always do your diligence to make sure you get the most out of each dollar spent. This will help you find the vendor who will provide you with the essential materials or services you need to be successful.

Be sure to look for our next post which will be focusing on the LOCATION of your potential new vendor!

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