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What should you look for when picking a wholesale rental tablecloth vendor?

Part 1: Customer Service

In the special event industry, image really does matter. The visual artistry and appealing look for any event is what will make your clients be amazed at what you have accomplished, and it also helps secure bookings with brand new clients. Reliable vendor relationships go a long way in helping someone ensure a strong business presence when you are dealing with the general public. Having to change wholesale rental tablecloth vendors can cause headaches and confusion for not only your customers, but also for your employees if it not undertaken carefully.

This seven-part blog will address sourcing and attaining a wholesale rental tablecloth vendor, which is a very important task. This series will provide you with helpful tools and guidelines to make the best choice for your company. There are 7 key elements to address when you are working through your selection process. This post will focus on the very important element of customer service.

CUSTOMER SERVICE - A smile can go a long way to making an experience one to remember. Customer service should always be memorable, just not for the wrong reasons. It has been said that when someone experiences bad customer service, they will likely tell at least 7 people. Someone who has a good experience may share it with only one or two people.

When a linen vendor has friendly and polite staff answer your phone calls, or when they come to your business to deliver, these elements of good customer service are going to help build a long-standing relationship. Take time to evaluate and monitor your interactions with this company. Are they helpful, and do they maintain a professional courtesy when on the phone? Do they try to help you find the best product or even alternates? Do they question or make you feel like you did something wrong when a problem occurs with their product?

We all know the saying, “the customer is always right.” You want to work with vendors that make you feel you are right to do business with them. Great customer service should make you feel appreciated and valued for your patronage. Find a vendor who will go that extra mile when you need a last-minute order, or a vendor who will stand behind their product and do whatever is needed to make you happy.

Be sure to look for our next post which will be focusing on the PRICE of your potential new vendor!

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