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 Polyester Solids

60 Selections

The durable and basic foundation cloth for any event. This structured poplin polyester is the classic table cover and undercloth for all affairs.

Polyester Sizes (except Neon Green, Pink, Orange)  **NOTE:  Some colors do NOT have 90 inch RD.


54x54 SQ, 72x72 SQ, 90x90 SQ, 120X120 SQ (Black, Ivory, White only), **90 RD, 96 RD, 108 RD, 120 RD, 132 RD, 60x120 BQT, 90x132 BQT, 90x156 BQT, 5' Skirt (Black, Ivory, White only), 8' Skirt (Black, Ivory, White only), 13’Skirt, 20x20 Napkin, 10X120 Runner, Chair Sash

Neon Colors


54X54 SQ,   90X90 SQ,  108 RD,  120 RD, 20X20 Napkin,  60X120 BQT,  90X132 BQT,  90X156 BQT

 - Click Photos - to Enlarge and for Color Names 

 Polyester Neon 

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